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Travelguide Sun Island, The Maldives 

Sun Island Resort and Spa is one of the largest private islands in the Maldives. You will get a feeling of luxury and wellness from the moment you put your feet on this place. It is breathtaking to see the view everywhere, and it is even prettier than the pictures. This island is something you have to experience to understand completely. It feels like you are a mix of Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean when he is stranded on a beautiful Island all alone and at the same time like you are a royal family or couple because everyone that works there is doing everything they can to make you happy. The reason why you feel alone (in a good way) on this resort is because the island is big enough for everyone to get the privacy they want. 

Photoshoot spots:

This Island has a lot of good spots that makes your pictures amazing. We made a list for you, so it will be easy to know where you should go and don’t waste time on that. 

  • Waterbungalow
    Almost every angel around the water bungalow area is nice for at photoshoot. Find out what you like, and here is some examples
  • Beach
    The whole island is a beach. You can also get good pictures all around the beach, but a tips is to go to the very end of the island, and you will get a perfect beach-shot. Unfortunately we did not get to take a picture here because the time went by way too fast.
  • Steal the wedding
    Almost everyday there is a wedding on the island near the bridge out to the water bungalow. It is different from time to time, but it is always very pretty setup for the weddings here and makes a good picture. 
  • Hammock
    There is a hammock between the beach close to the water bungalows and the all inclusive restaurant that belongs to the people that live in the bungalows. This is a beautiful location for a dreamy picture!
  • All of the swings
    It is so many swings all over the island and they are very nice to shoot some photos on. We did this shot, but came to the conclusion afterwards that we should have chosen another swing because of the messy background. So choose a swing with not too much «fuzz» going on in the back.
  • Sunset by the Thai-restaurant
    Here is one of the places you can get the best sunset, and also a pretty picture. The people that work on the restaurant is very helpful if you want them to take a picture for you if you for example are a couple like us and want a romantic picture together. It is not only here they are helpful with taking pictures, but all over the island. Just ask and you are likely to get a positive answer.
  • Birdshots
    There are some really cool birds here, that makes nice «models» in the picture either it is at the beach of in the line to get sausages at breakfast.
  • Swimming with the sharks
    It is some sharks (not big or dangerous sharks) that you swim with everyday. You can decently get a cool picture from above if someone stands and take a picture from the bridge out to the bungalows and down in the water. Of course we did not think of that until now when it is too late. 

Restaurants & Bars:

  • The all inclusive restaurants
    It is one main restaurant for people with all inclusive at the water bungalows and one for the people at the beach villas. We only tried the one for the water bungalows, but we talked to some other people and found out that the food was the same, and that the only difference is that the restaurant for the beach villas is bigger than the one for water bungalows.

    It is buffet every day and they have new things each day, for each meal. They have mostly cultural food like curry, butter masala, chicken, noodles, papadam, naan and so on, but if you are not a fan of that they also have some very good international food like pasta, barbecue and so on.
  • The Thai-restaurant
    Delicious food and nice employees, but expensive. I (Mina) had my birthday there, and of course we wanted to have a glass of something sparkling in the sunset this night. The cheapest bottle of bubbles was about 180 USD. You could not buy a glass and only a bottle. The food was not that expensive, but we live in Norway and are used to high prices already. Anyway, I got a beautiful table, good food and drinks, birthday song from the people working there and a cake for free after dinner because it was my birthday, yay!
  • Beachbar
    This is the place we had a few drinks at night before we went back to the bungalow to sleep. This is close to the lobby, and it was romantic to sit by the beach and hear the waves while you enjoy a drink. Because the island is private you will get alcohol there if you want to.
  • Poolbar
    This is the place to get drinks and listen to music at daytime if you like that. We did not like to spend that much time in a pool when you have the beautiful clear and turquoise water in the sea. But if you prefer a pool you can get everything from smoothies to fresh juice to drinks in the pool bar. The chairs is in the pool under water which is pretty cool. 

Things to do:

  • Night fishing trip
    If you have all inclusive you will get this one for free. It is a fun experience where you get to go fishing in the evening and to cook and eat it afterwards if you get a fish. They charge you 10 USD each if you want to cook it though. We got some fishes, but they were too small to eat, so we didn’t do that. A nice experience anyway, it is different fish than what we are used to fish at home.
  • Snorkeling day trip
    If you like snorkeling this is a tour for you. You will get to see so many nice things from the ocean. We did not get to go on this trip because it wasn’t time for it, but a couple we got to know had been on the trip and loved it! They saw whale shark, turtles, dolphins, stingray, fish and even more I don’t remember at the moment. It is different from tour to tour what you will see, but you will see something from the sea world one way or another.
  • Sports
    With all inclusive a lot of this is free, I don’t know how much it costs if you don’t get if for free, but the sports are many. Basketball, mini golf, tennis, watersports, badmington and many more.
  • Jacuzzi
    You can book a jacuzzi, which is nice to do to relax at the evening for example
  • Spa
    The spa area is one of the most beautiful places on the island. If you don’t get any spa treatment, make sure to take a walk in there anyway! It is worth it.  
  • Snorkeling
    This is the place for snorkeling, just enjoy the whole island snorkeling possibilities.
  • Relaxing
    This is maybe the main thing you do while you are here – Just relax and live the slow life at the Maldives.
  • Shark and Stingray feeding
    This is every evening at a set time (ask the hotel). Next to the thai restaurant is the shark weeding and at the beach where the hammock finds its place as I wrote earlier you have the stingray feeding. A tips for you: everyone stands in a line to see the sharks. If you stand on the start of the bridge out to the bungalows you will see the stingrays swim to the feeding place without having to see it with 10 people right in front of you. Also on the bridge on each side of the thai restaurant they are swimming to get to the feeding place 10 minutes before the feeding.
  • Watching a wedding
    Because it is weddings all the time it is nice to watch and see how the locals from the Maldives arranges weddings with music, drums and nice clothes. 

Tips and tricks: 

  • Currency: they use USD mostly, but also local valuta. I have an understanding that the people that works here uses local valuta and all of the tourists use USD
  • Go all inclusive and save a lot
    If you are going to buy all the food here it will be very expensive. It is much cheaper to have all inclusive, but it is also a little bit boring to eat at the same restaurant at all meals except the snacks between 4-6 in the afternoon at the coffee shop close to the lobby and the bars where you get drinks. If you have all inclusive, you also have 20% off all food on the other restaurants.
  • Waterbungalow is worth it if you haven’t stayed at one before – if you have, a beach bungalow will do if you want to save some money
  • Whaleshark safari = Snorkeling day trip
    Don’t pay for the whaleshark safari. It it only a 50% chance of seeing it and if you choose the other trip instead you will have the same 50% chance to see whale shark, but if you are unlucky and don’t get to see it you will for sure see something else exciting!
  • Looking at the stars in a hammock
    This is one of the most romantic things we did here. You can either do it together with someone you love to share something beautiful, but also alone to relax and take it down before bedtime. Looking at the stars in this hammock while playing some low and nice music is the best experience you can make by yourself. 

Pros & Cons


  • Beautiful Island
  • Nice staff
  • Love the water bungalows and even only the sight of them
  • Good food
  • Mindblowing experience of a stunning landscape and nature


  • Expensive 
  • Only limited access to restaurants with all inclusive 

Adobe Lightroom Presetpack for this trip will be out soon!

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